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October 16th, 2023

Last weekend I was walking out to the pasture to take a break from the noise and stress in the auction ring when I heard someone yell, “bring up that blind horse now.” I stopped and took a deep breath. Another blind horse? I stood and closed my eyes for a minute. Could I bare to watch them bring him up and now help him out? I turned back towards the pens and watched them try get him down the alley ways. My heart sank. Another terrified, beautiful horse that never should have been left back here. It’s hard enough for the others… but blind? Just rips me apart. A kind man was able to rope him and lead him up, saving him from many face lacerations and bruises. The second they walked him up and went over and pet him. He flinched then I saw his eyes soften after a few strokes. “Oh boyyyy” I said as I pulled my phone out and added his number to my list. Something about these blind horses, I just cannot stay away. Thank YOU for making these saves possible. Bandit would thank you himself if he could, I’m sure of it. ♥️
Never again my beautiful man. Never again.

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