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Equine Assisted Lessons

Equine Assisted Lessons

SMRR Equine Assisted Lessons 🤍♥️🤍♥️ Something I dreamed of doing with our rescues since we first started. Horses don’t get enough credit for how incredibly healing they are. Growing up I went through many dark years and sometimes the only thing I looked forward to in life was going out to a ranch where I could love on the horses and donkeys. I could feel the pit leave my stomach. My heart rate slowed down. I did not feel scared or anxious. It was my safe space. This is incredibly emotional for me as this feels like a full circle moment in my life. It’s really happening. I made it out of the darkest years of my life and found a way to help others through their dark years, using the same thing that saved me.
Thank you Lord for making this program come together♥️

If you would like to donate towards a lesson, they are $40 a lesson. Of course any amount helps and adds up very quickly.

Ways to donate:
Venmo & PayPal:

Thank you thank you thank you!!

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