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In Heaven








Benz came to us with major trauma to his hip/pelvic area. After X-rays we found it was worse than we realized. We got him on the schedule for surgery to try to relieve his pain.

A few weeks before surgery he began to decline, majorly. No appetite in food, and his pain worsened. We brought him in and they agreed we needed to do surgery as soon as possible. We could see something wasn't right so we had him in again last week. His blood levels were not good. We pumped in the probios, supplements and medication to try to get him strong enough for surgery. The last few days he really took a turn and just seemed very depressed. He had an appointment this morning, but we all already thought the chances of him making it through surgery were so low. I checked on him last night and he just looked so tired and not himself.

Then this morning when I woke up I went to check on him, and he had passed away. Bentley was quietly standing over him.

Deaths like this are so tough because we, and our vet team, did everything we could to get his energy and strength back up and it just wasn't enough. It was so odd, I've never seen a horse decline so fast. I've replayed it over and over, I'm just so sad we couldn't get him back to 100%.

We will miss you Benz.

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