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Bugs & Bunny


Permanent Resident






Gelding | Mare


22 | 20


Bugs and Bunny were rescued from a livestock auction in Texas. They were separated at the auction and we managed to get them back together. These two literally wouldn’t be together anymore if it wasn’t for YOU. I hope you feel so cool and so important for helping us get them back to each other. After years and years of hard work, it’s my privilege to provide retirement and love through their final years. TOGETHER. Thank you🤍

The beautiful Bugs. This boy has taken a while truly settle in. When he first arrived he always had a look of tension in his eyes. He would do what he was told, but you could see he was only listening for fear of what would happen if he didn’t obey. He allowed petting, but he was always leaning away just a little and his eyes told me he was nervous. Fast forward to today and now he confidently walks up to us for lovins. He loves to be pet and brushed. He loves to rest near you and be by you. There is no worry or anxiety in his eyes any more. It’s the best feeling ever to watch their whole demeanor change. I have just loved watching our gentle giants settle in.

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