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This is Echo! Rescued from auction in December. I was drawn to her because of her bold love towards every person that entered her space. She would confidently walk up to anyone and everyone, just wanting love. Interaction. I saw and watched many traders go over her, looking for what’s important to them. She would stand so politely. They’d pry her mouth open to see her teeth to age her. Lifting her feet to check out her legs. Flailing their hands trying to scare her so they could see her trot to see if she was in pain anywhere. She just tolerated it all. And I loved her for it. She is such a lovely girl and she will make someone a lovely horse someday. We love you Echo! You’re welcome here as long as you need to find your forever! ♥️

This girl was night and day once she had her teeth done. She had terrible teeth that were long overdue and had one she needed pulled. She's a different horse now that she doesn't have mouth pain. She's currently in training with Sheridan and doing so well.

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