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In Rehab








Eleanor you beautiful lady! I've loved watching her heal physically and emotionally. Ellie is arguably the strongest horse I've ever met. Her abuse was the worst case we've ever taken on. Besides the unbelievable starvation she endured, Ellie had lived in horrendous conditions and had mud caked up passed her knees. She also had abscesses in every foot, one of which had blown out the top of her foot. When I stood with her in her first days with us I felt sick to my stomach. She was so weak, so tired and in so much pain. She was always out of breath, just from standing. She could only eat for about 5 minutes before she'd need a break to rest. She constantly shifted her weight because she could find no relief from her painful feet. I remember crying while I stood along side her wondering if I was doing the right thing keeping her alive. But she had that fight. She wanted to overcome. Watching her come back to life has been the most beautiful, heart breaking thing. But she's done it, she's looked death in the eyes and had the fight in her to say no. Not me. She IS strength. She is fight. She is what never giving up looks like.

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