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Permanent Resident







Enzo was rescued from a livestock auction in Texas. So so happy to officially announce that Enzo is a permanent member of SMRR and the eyes for Zuki and Bandit♥️ When Enzo first got here he immediately stood all day fence to fence with Bandit and Zuki. His appetite and overall mood was still low, until he met them. He picked at his hay and walked away. I moved his pile fence to fence with them and he ate so happily and cleaned up his meals, then rested alongside the fence line, as close as he could be to them. He was so gentle with them from their very first encounter. We’ve been searching and praying for the right horse to join this duo, to be the eyes for our two blind horses. As soon as I saw how sweet and soft Enzo was with them (and every horse really), I knew he was meant to be with them. The cutest trio ever, if I do say so myself. Welcome home FOREVER, Enzo. ♥️

Enzo is on a waitlist for training, he's resorted back to his unhandled days being out in a big pasture, so we will have him go to training and really focus on his confidence and trust in people.

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