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Over 150 Kids Came To Visit Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch

Reba | Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch
Reba checking out the donations

Today was incredible for so many reasons. We had over 150 kids out today (not at the same time), but wow did Reba shine. She’s such a gem. And our little Rocky did so incredibly well with all the little hands and excited voices. And of course our goats are rockstars with the young bucks.

Rocky | Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch

Reba | Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch
Reba before

When I looked over and saw Reba standing so quietly and so gently, Closing her eyes and lowering her head for the kids… I had to choke back tears. Thinking of where she came from… thinking of what she went through before getting here. The pain and neglect involved in starvation.. I’ll never understand it. Sometimes I wonder if she just kept holding on, knowing something better was coming. She’s such a warrior. I love this horse to pieces.

Thank you so so much 1st graders of Glen Rose Elementary for bringing donations and smiling faces to our ranch today!!

Reba | Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch

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