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Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch is Expanding!

Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch's new property in Glen Rose, TX
Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch's new property in Glen Rose, TX

SMRR is expanding!! I can’t believe the time has come when we can publicly share IT’S HAPPENING!! This is a blank slate project for us. We will be putting in electricity, water, fencing, buildings, etc. This will be a MASSIVE job and we’re guessing it’ll be 3 to 4 years of adding as we’re able until this vision is complete (let’s be real we’ll always be adding/changing things though). But we fell in love with this land. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. It’s usable rolling hills that our animals will be blessed to live on.

What we hope to do here:

•Use this land to be able to rescue a lot more equines.

•Build a sanctuary pasture for 5-10 wild horses to live out their days, wild and free.

•Create safe paddocks to be able to take in more blind horses.

•Expand our programs to help animals help more people.

•Create kennels with runs to be able to rescue more dogs.

•Build more pastures/pens to give sanctuary to more misunderstood Exotics.

•Offer more in depth tours and educate the public on the importance of caring for and providing forever homes for their animals.

•Do more GOOD. Be the GOOD. See the GOOD.

This has been a lot of behind the scenes work and I’ve been so excited & anxious to share this with you! Thank you so much for being here and supporting our rescue. We couldn’t do any of this without YOU. We’re excited to see all that God has in store for our Rescue. Cheers to 2024!!!♥️♥️

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Love Wins thanks to you and your rescue. Thank you Mariah and Team for being proof that there is good left in this world by loving, caring, and rescuing these innocent and worthy animals.


This is LITERALLY MY LIFE DREAM! Horses and dogs. I would love the chance to do this with my life someday. I’m a family med doctor and single mom so not sure it’s in the cards, but I’m so THANKFUL there are people like you. You are doing God’s work and honoring Mercie’s legacy.

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